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Iowans for Adoption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting adoption through education, research and collaboration. We serve as a networking and advocacy forum to support adoption and all members of the adoption triad. We promote adoption as a way to improve children’s and families’ overall well-being. We offer free materials to educate others about the option of adoption and increase the positive portrayal of adoption via public service announcements, speaking engagements, activities, and free networking support groups.

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Iowans For Adoption Fall 2017 Banquet

We raised more than $3,000 dollars at our first annual Iowans for Adoption banquet. The banquet included dinner, a silent auction, cash bar and guest speakers Erin Kiernan, WHO-TV 13 News Anchor, and Myron Linn, Deputy Director of Iowa Workforce Development. Guest performers included professional saxophone player, Rusty Johnson, adopted at 37 years of age, and his mother, Ms. Carolyn Brickley. Proceeds will help pay for grants provided to hopeful, adoptive parents and adoption-related educational & promotional materials.


Latest Adoption Story

Faith and Perseverance: Three Generations of Domestic, Infant Adoptions

Diana Baltimore

Diana was adopted as an infant and her birth father, Chuck, was adopted as an infant. Three years after Diana gave birth to her son, Blake, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctors recommended that she not get pregnant again. Eight years later, Diana’s daughter, Danielle, was adopted as an infant. Diana credits Blake’s prayers for a sibling and her own faith and perseverance for her journey as a proponent of adoption. Diana is also an adoption researcher and founder/executive director of The National Center for Adoption, doing business as Iowans for Adoption.

Diana, her birth father, her daughter, and all of her family members are extremely grateful that three generations of birth family members placed infants for adoption. Their lives have been richly blessed and they want others to know that adoption has many positive outcomes!

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