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Parent and adopted individual

As the founder of The National Center for Adoption, I hope to educate others about adoption terminology, the adoption process, and the positive aspects of adoption. 

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  1. I know I am not an adoptive parent or adopted child, but my family has been blessed because of adoption. My parents adopted my little sister in 2001 and ever since the day we brought her home she has been part of our family. We love her more than anything, and she has touched our lives in so many ways. I couldn’t imagine life with out my baby sister. I thank God everyday that we were fortunate enough to adopt her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. Her life and ours was made better, because of adoption. So I encourage people to think of adoption as an option.

  2. Probably our top adoption story is a reminder to all parents hoping to adopt that you have to have faith and believe in the process. Less than 24 hours after we had an adoption fall through, we got a call from our adoption agency telling us that a little boy was born early that morning and was just an hour from us . . . and needed a family. We took a deep breath and said, “OK, we’ll go meet him.” We brought our son home a week later, the night before his sister’s second birthday, and our family is complete!

  3. My husband, John, was adopted as an infant by a wonderful couple through Catholic Charities in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1950. His adoptive mother was also adopted after she and her three siblings were left without parents due to their untimely deaths After John and I were unable to conceive, we were able to adopt a son in 1985 through my gynecologist. Due to the shortage of babies in the United States at that time, we turned to a foreign adoption in the country of Colombia in 1992 when we adopted our two-year old daughter. Two years later we adopted a six-year old boy who had a seizure disorder, again from Colombia. After much frustration we finally discovered that he was also intellectually challenged. According to a specialist, after looking at his MRI, she said it looked like he had a difficult birth, which caused the epilepsy and intellectual challenges. We have learned a lot about adoption and had the wonderful experiences of traveling to a foreign country and learning about the culture. We would have never had these experiences had we been able to conceive, so in that respect, we are grateful for that, and grateful most of all for the three children we wanted so much.

  4. My husband and I haven’t been able to conceive on our own. Adoption has touched my life through my Aunt Linda and my Aunt Pat previous to my own struggles. We worked with Bethany Christian Services and went through our adoption journey. We were called to meet an expectant mom and we fell in love with her. She is so wonderful! We went through the hospital experience and brought our daughter home in Feb 2010. Afterwards we promoted our adoption by talking in schools and have tried to show the positive image of adoption. We have an open adoption with all of our daughter’s birth family. We received a call from a co-worker in May 2011 about a situation an expectant mom was dealing with. She met us and decided to place her son with us after his birth. We brought him home after a brief stay in interim care in July 2011. We have been incredibly blessed with both of our adoptions and couldn’t ask for better birth families for them. Adoption has been the best decision of our lives!

  5. My family has been blessed twice through adoption — first in 2000 when we received our son, and again in 2004 when we received our daughter. They have brought tremendous joy into our lives, and we are eternally grateful to their birthmothers for choosing an adoption plan for them. Both of our adoptions were semi-open, so we have sent letters and pictures to the birthmothers many times over the years. We talk about their birthmothers often, and our children know that their birthmothers are special people. Adoption has definitely been a blessing for us!

  6. I am a PROUD Aunt of a Precious baby Girl who blessed our family last Oct. She has enriched our lives in so many ways, you see my sister is unable to have children. My sister is the fourth girl (& baby of our family). Between my other 3 sisters we have 11 children. I could see the pain in my sister & brother in laws eyes when we would get together for any holiday. They are both loving individuals & love children, in fact they are both teachers. About 2 years ago they went through an adoption agency. We all waited & prayed they would be chosen. The call came late one night & in the matter of hours all of our lives were changed forever! I feel our entire family is truly blessed as we love this little girl like our own. I want to thank all the mothers & fathers who make the hard, selfless act to give your baby up. As adopted family members, we are so very thankful. Please know you have changed someone’s life forever. This is a gift that continues to give not just to the family but to friends & the community as well. Your child will grow knowing he or she is loved a million times over because of the love you had to make the right decision. Thank you. PS. If any of you are considering giving your baby up for adoption, my sister would make a loving responsible choice 🙂

  7. My husband and I are adoptive parents to the most beautiful baby girl in the world! Our’s is a unique story, as is everyone’s, but it is the most unbelievably amazing story out there. It all started in January 2010; that new year, I decided to look into adoption. I always knew I would adopt a child-always. I never could imagine myself pregnant, and somehow I knew I never would be. I had been through 9 pregnancies with my sisters, and never once thought that one day that would be me. After being married for five years, and never getting pregnant, we decided to begin researching what we needed to begin the adoption process. Before we got very far, we experienced a devastating loss. On Jan. 10, 2010, my 15 year-old nephew, Keaton, passed away. That was the worst day of my life. I wanted him back so badly, and whenever I wold try to do some paperwork for the process, all I could think about was how much I just wanted him. We decided to put the adoption process on hold, I didn’t want to adopt a baby and try to replace Keaton in my life, that wouldn’t be fair to anyone. It just wasn’t the right time anymore. A few months after that, my grandma passed away unexpectedly, and a month after that my grandpa passed away. 2010 was not a great year for my family. By the time 2011 came around, we were ready for a new start, no more grief!
    On Jan. 2, 2011, we decided it was time to pick up where we left off in the process, and with a new determination we sped through everything as fast as we could. By April, we had completed our Home Study, and by June we were “activated” and waiting for a birth mother to choose us.
    I worried every day that no one would choose us, Jon knew someone would, and encouraged me to be patient, but I felt I had hit a brick wall, there was nothing I could do to speed up the process; I literally had to wait for someone to choose me, and waiting was not something I enjoyed.
    By October, I was convinced no one was going to choose us. It had only been 4 months, so I was being ridiculous, but I was just worried I would never see Jon as a dad, or hear someone call me mom, and that was scary to me. So, being proactive, I decided I would finally see a fertilization specialist, and see why I could ‘t get pregnant; if no one would choose us, I could always try to have a baby traditionally…
    After enduring painful tests, and three days of waiting for results, I finally got my answers.
    Monday, October 9th, I was told about the million or so defects that were preventing me from getting pregnant, and the other million things that would cause any pregnancy I might have to result in miscarriage. I hung up the phone in tears. That was my back-up plan, and now I didn’t have any. If no one chose us to be their child’s adoptive parents, we would never be parents-period. I did what any intelligent proactive person would do, and I threw myself a pity party. I spent my day laying in bed cuddling with my cats, who of course, knew I needed them. I emailed my professor and let her know I wouldn’t be in class that night-I figured I needed more time to thoroughly pity myself.
    Jon was at parent teacher conferences until 8, so I could spend most of the night in misery without anyone trying to ruin my pity party. I had just sent my email to my professor when my cell rang. I saw it was Amercan Adoptions, our agency, and was immediately annoyed; there is so much paperwork, and no matter how much we had done, there was always one signature, or one initial we had missed. I answered, and Katie asked if Jon was there (I made a mental note to scold Jon-whatever she was calling about must have been his fault), I told her where he was and asked if I could take a message. She said she had a unique situation and needed both of us; I corrected her and said I was good, she could just tell me. She laughed and said she would call back at 8:20.
    I immediately called Jon and told him he was not allowed to mess around after conferences, and that he should probably lock his door early so he could get out on time-Katie was calling us! By the time he got home, he had ants in his pants, and couldn’t even tell me to calm down. When the phone finally rang, Katie said that a baby girl was born that morning and the birth mother had chosen us! If we were ready for a baby, then we had one…I didn’t have to think about it, I was a mom! Jon, always logical, asked to call her right back. I asked Jon what we needed to talk about-seemed pretty clear to me! How are we going to get the money to pay for her-within 48 hours? Where on earth was she? How would we get where we needed to go? Was she healthy? What about my classes and his job? What would we name her? Once he asked her name, I knew he was all in, the other stuff would work itself out. We called Katie, and began our journey to parenthood!
    The first step was the hardest, we had to swallow our pride and ask my parents for money. We had planned on using grants, but grants were only awarded to families who had been matched with a birth mother; we could apply that night, but most grants are only decided on 3 times a year, and our agency required the payment within 48 hours, no exceptions. Since my grandparents had just passed away, my parents inherited a little money, and I was about to ask for all of it.
    We all thank our parents for the gift of life, but thanking one’s parents for the gift of motherhood is impossible, and the gratitude I feel is indescribable. Without hesitation, they took care of the money situation, and we were free to become parents!
    We met Scarlette when she was 26 hours old. We met her birth mother when she was 3 days old. I can’t imagine being as selfless as a birth mother. A complete stranger gave me the gift of a lifetime, and I have so much respect, and love for her, and Scarlette will always know exactly how much her birth mom loves her because I tell her every day. Initially, Melissa (birth mom), had chosen to have a closed adoption, she changed her mind after just 3 days, and we were terrified she would change her mind about adoption. After meeting her, all of our fears were assuaged. She was dedicated to her adoption plan, and to her baby. She only wanted the very best for her baby, and as hard as it was on her, she always maintained she was just happy for us and for Scarlette. She made us feel like we were the ones who needed to be thanked! If it was even possible, we left with more love, admiration, and reverence for her than we already felt. If I hadn’t thanked Keaton and my grandma and grandpa a million times before, I did as soon as we met Melissa.
    Before she left, we asked her to see Scarlette, and got a picture of her holding Scarlette. That picture is now on Scarette’s dresser where she sees it every day.
    We skype occasionally, and text back and forth with Melissa, and we couldn’t be happier at how things have gone. Scarlette is almost 10 months now, and she is the spitting image of Melissa and I’m so glad to have a picture to show her so she can see the resemblance.
    I know in my heart that Keaton picked both Scarlette and Melissa out specifically for us, and that gives me some closure where he and my grandparents are concerned, because if it weren’t for all of them, we wouldn’t have Scarlette here with us now.
    I can’t wait for Scarlette to become a sibling, and I hope we will be blessed with another adoption in our future:)

  8. Thanks to a chain of loving people and God, my husband and I were blessed with a baby girl last July. She is almost ten months and has made each day feel like Christmas.

    Our story started by deciding we wanted to try for a third baby. Four and a half years later, along with infertility medications, IVF, etc., we decided to look into foster care and adoption. Upon narrowing our choices and picking an agency, I received a phone call in mid June from a wonderful friend, who mentioned a friend knows a friend who is expecting a baby girl in August. Like I said, a CHAIN of loving people. The birth mother had chose to make an adoption plan for her baby and was searching for parents. My friend asked if we’d be interested in speaking with the birth mother and full speed ahead, we said, “yes!” Just three days later, we met with our friend’s contact and the birth mother – both wonderful women. We sat at a park, introduced ourselves, and made a plan for what we had hoped would be a potential adoption. Fortunately, the birth mom chose us and even better, we felt the birth mother was sent to us. Why? While we sat in the park, she asked my husband and I if we could do one thing…give our daughter her middle name. It was meant to be upon this statement, my husband and I looked at one another and both started to tear up. This beautiful middle name was not only generational to the birth mom, but it was also my husband’s mother’s middle name. She passed away from breast cancer, but was also adopted as a newborn. She would have been so blessed to have met our baby, but we know she played a part in this from above.

    Three short weeks after we sat at a park, we became parents to a beautiful daughter. It’s a miracle that we’ve been blessed with such a beautiful gift, she is pure joy and we can’t imagine a single day without her. I truly believe God has a plan for everyone. He surrounds ourselves with those who can make a positive impact on our lives and my husband and I will forever be greatful for those who made our story possible.

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