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  1. As the founder of The National Center for Adoption, my goal is to educate others about adoption terminology, the adoption process, and the positive aspects of adoption. I was adopted at birth, I have found my birth family members, and I am a parent who has adopted a child.

    My desire to educate others about adoption stems from my years as an adoptee, an adoptive parent, and as an adoption researcher. I have interviewed and surveyed numerous individuals who have been involved in the adoption process. The majority of individuals who participated in my research indicated a need to educate others about adoption as a parenting option. Most all adoptees who participated in my research also indicated that they believed their lives are much better as a result of having been adopted into loving, safe, permanent homes. In fact, I have two biologically-related siblings who call me “the one who got away.”

    Please post your stories here and visit the site frequently to read others’ posts.

    Also, please forward our site to everyone who may wish to learn more about adoption.


  2. Hi! My name is Danielle. I am adopted. I am 10 years old. Being adopted can be great. You know the people who adopted you love you very much. You also know that your birth parents love you so much that they made an adoption plan for you. I like being adopted and I hope more people choose it.

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